Dear Om Prakash, Quint, Trollers, Feminists, Misogynists and people in between,


It is an open letter from a humourist who has a neutral point of view on this topic. In today’s times when opinions are literally much more than the people who actually exist in this world, it is really important to take some time and just think for a while, where are we heading to? Is it really neccessary to make fuss about everything possible on this planet?

See, what’s really important to know is that humour is all about exaggeration of stuff with the sole motive of making it fun!, in simple words “NOT AT ALL SERIOUS!”. We have to understand that there is a big difference between humour … and … all other things like sexism,crime,politics,religion et cetera!

Firstly, talking about feminism ,let me make it quite clear that feminism is important because it is all about equality and respect. So, it is also important that everything and everyone should also be equal before humour. Humour is not intended to disrespect any gender, it’s all about a light take on gender peculiarities, which obviously is only for fun. e.g. if you think laughing on a movie scene in which a male actor is hit on balls or kicked on his ass and falls into water, is OK then it’s also OK to laugh on a joke which makes fun of a woman on talking too much… which actually is in fact OK because neither of them is a threat or a disrespect or a crime, they are just for fun and so stop being serious about it!

Same holds for politics or religion where making fun of certain things is just a sarcastic way of presenting your thoughts on stuff which doesn’t seem to be sensible or logical, and obviously not hatred towards an ideology or even when it is ,it’s just a personal point of view ,like everyone has it’s own! So nothing to rant about.

Secondly, coming on this recent issue about Quint taking action on Om Prakash’s song and people who are supporting the song. “BOL NA AUNTY AAU KYA?!” is obviously cringe pop and thus was meant to be disgusting. It might have offended many,and it’s OK to get offended. But it’s also OK for meme pages to mock the shit out of this rant by Quint. I mean humour has its kinds… and roasting is just one of them. But people giving rape/death threats is totally unacceptable as I mentioned earlier that humour and crime are two different scenarios!

Lastly, please understand what I am trying to say, there are a lot, yes, a lot of issues in our country which really need some quick and serious action, where there are actually crimes being committed, where actually rights are being violated, all of us need to show our concern on those issues which really, are serious. Stop making issues on various art forms of  entertainment because they are harmless and obviously meant for entertainment only, not for fighting.






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