World as I see it (Then vs Now)


Followin article is a comparision between author’s world in his childhood and when he is grown up.

The time when I was growing up :

It was 2005. I was watching MTV and the commercial of Need for Speed Most Wanted aired. I was shocked because even then I knew that Indian TV channels were lame and hardly cared about the cool shit (you can argue me with “Malgudi days and Hum Paanch were great shows” ,go ahead, do it but I never liked those shows and all  I cared about was Video Games, Eminem and Linkin Park).

MTV was one of those channels which apparently used to showcase the good stuff. I have listened to the uncensored versions of almost every song from Marshall Mathers LP1 on MTV India. It was cool. But when that advert aired, it blew my fucking mind. I realized  that there were other people like me at MTV India who wanted to air this advertisement, made me literally jumping with joy. I was eagerly waiting for the school the next day when I could boast about my immense gaming knowledge to my friends and also that I knew that Underground 2 came before Need for Speed Most wanted and the player would get an extra 10,000 $ if he had a save file of the UG2. Shit was crazy.

When all my future scenarios crushed into big pile of hopelessness:

Coming to the point that I wanna illustrate, it’s that I thought that the world was becoming cool. And not the dank world, which is hidden from everyone. But in the actual world, the mainstream media was becoming cool. I was filled with joy with the possibilities of what I would do when I will grow up. I had planned on becoming a cool artist because I used to paint a lot. And I wanted to make some really cool video games which I can be proud of.

After that commercial I used to watch MTV all day after school, waiting for another one so I can start relating myself to the rest of the world. I continued this for a year, songs of Eminem and Linkin Park also started coming less often. I don’t even remember when I gave up on my childish sense of wonder. All I remember is that during one moment in my childhood, I could relate to a lot of people and the next moment I wasn’t. It was the last time when I felt that people in the world could understand me. My playlist which I made in 2010 remained the same until 2014 when I went to college and since then it’s still the same. The world which I am living in now looks nothing at all like the ones which my parents promised me.

Accepting the reality:

I don’t care about FRIENDS, or HIMYM, or any other sitcom which our youth is obsessed over. I am not saying that there isn’t cool shit to do, there is. Video Games are awesome than ever, motorcycles are fun to ride but the people, they have become lame as fuck. Hardly I can ever meet a dude who has played video games or watches some good stuff. The amount which I can relate to the world is shrinking slowly at such a rapid pace that I think I might even run out of empathy.

Politics is another pain in the ass. It used to be that the circle jerks who debate about politics were less in numbers. Now it’s fucking everybody. Everyone is defending a dude in the parliament by furiously debating with strangers on the internet. Everyone has this stupid idea that somehow, them defending a politician of the bad things he does is going to improve this country. If he was right, why’d he need someone defending him, if he’s wrong, then why are you sucking his dick.

Present Day:

It’s 2018 now and we have become so emotionless that we spend hundreds of hours of our lives watching people exhibit emotions on the YouTube. Because the real emotions are so scarce in this world that people showing them might as well be labeled endangered.

We are living in a day and age where people act like a certain person but don’t ever want to be called that. A racist shouts racial slurs, and we are so docile that we just don’t do anything. A girl gets raped and people get on streets to protest but these same people act as ignorant fucks and never teach their children about sex, relationships,  and social responsibility. They don’t want to educate and want crime to come at halt automatically. Blame game is increasing exponentially. Everybody just fucking complains.

It’s just hard to care about anyone nowadays. I am still optimistic that we shall change for good. I could be wrong but I don’t care now.

End Note:

“If you are not aware of the time we are passing through, then read my opinion and if you can not tolerate these aftershocks, then it means that the society is ineffective. There is no harm in my writing. The harm that is made in my name is actually a loss of the current system. I do not like disorder and do not want to create chaos in the thoughts of people. Who am I to remove the clothes of society, which itself is naked? I do not even try to dress it, because this is not my job, it’s a job of dressmakers.”

–  Saadat Hasan Manto



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  1. Touche. Pretty good observation. Things are indeed getting worse. But I would suggest that you should invest some time in reading history (global as well as national). That’ll help a lot as you’ll realise that every generation feels/acts more or less the way you or me are experiencing. We’re just repeating the history, only difference is that we’ve modern tools like internet which is bombarding our finite minds with loads of information. And therefore, we are consuming these changes at a very rapid rate which our mind can’t fathom.

    So just pick a book, relax and tune in ‘Nine Thou’…Cheer’s!

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