Top 4 Reasons Why Virat Kohli Is A True Patriot

Recently,  the famous cricketer and local angry man Virat Kohli said in a QnA that people should not live in India if they don’t like Indian batsmen.

He also told people to “get your priorities right”. Although the privilege of free speech in this country is already way too much, my blood gets boiled if someone even tries to show interest in any ‘Foreign Garbage’.
That being said, we at AIDM stand tall with our true patriotic and totally not hypocrite friend Virat Kohli. To further illustrate our point, as to why this dude is such a true Indian, we present you with top 4 reasons why Virat Kohli is the true Indian:

He only wears Bata


Look at my man proudly showcasing the new Bata collection. Unlike all those people who like to showcase their limited edition PUMA shoes, our boy only endorses, wears and enjoys Indian brands. God bless him.

He only drives Mahindra

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-11 at 9.13.33 PM

My homie Virat would never set foot in any foreign car, especially in a white Audi Q7. That’s why he only drives and endorses Mahindra cars. Look at him feeling the utmost joy with his new Mahindra Bolero. He is the ultimate example of ‘Practice what you preach’. 

Virat endorses Raja Watch Co.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-11 at 9.13.33 PM (1)

Instead of sponsoring TISSOT watches, which is a foreign brand. Our hero only wears Raja watches on his wrist. Damned his soul would be if he allows any European metal to touch his true Indian skin. Till death, he will only wear wrist watches of Raja watch Co.

He only appreciates Indian Athletes


And most importantly, The one and only true patriotic ultimate national Indian super cricketer batsman in the entire world, only appreciate other Indian Athletes. Look at him proudly sharing an image of The Great Khali, before his match with the Undertaker. Didn’t I tell you that Virat is the best
Now, our job to cleanse India of anti-nationalists will not be over unless we won’t show our support to Virat. So tweet this article to him and tell him that ‘Its ok bro, we got you’.



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