Memes That Are Ready To Die #1 | Meme Review

Memes are dropping dead every week. Never has been a time in history when memes were being killed at such a fast rate. That’s why, being admins of a meme page and having nothing productive to do, it is our duty to inform you on the current meme trend so you can avoid the embarrassment of being called a ‘Normie’. Without wasting any time, here are all those memes, which will soon be posted or have been posted on 9GAG as you read this article, which is a polite way of saying that they will be brutally murdered.


1: Dancing Theresa May/Maybe

Dancing Theresa May/Maybe

The British prime minister for a long time has been associated with dancing memes. Before her cringy walk during a conference in Britain, she was also the orchestrator of a dance session in Africa with local people. Despite her best efforts to make herself relatable with young people wherever she goes, it only ends up in her becoming a meme. Proven the number of times she has danced her way into memedom, she is unlikely to stop doing it, anytime soon.

2: Lisa doing a presentation

Lisa doing a presentation

This meme slipped itself under the radar and found its way into several dank subreddits a few weeks ago. It hasn’t been used to its full extent, but given the sheer scale it has been used by normie and dank pages alike, it has been pretty successful. However, recently it was found being shared on Twitter, so we are pretty sure it’d dead by the end of this week.

3: Surprised Pikachu

Surprised Pikachu

It shouldn’t have been dead so soon, but mainstream media outlets are taking it upon themselves to explain it by writing full-length articles about it. Recently, the meme was explained in detail by the Daily Dot, without any spread or origin. Thus barring it from ever being funny in the future. Although the damage is not very severe. The surprised Pikachu is expected to survive, at least this week.

4: Dwight Says Fuck

Dwight Says Fuck

I had a bit of trouble in finding this one. There is no ‘Know your meme’ database of this meme yet, thus it has no official name either. After naming the meme as ‘Dwight says fuck’, I immediately became sure, that it isn’t going to last very long. The ‘creeping Jim’ meme has no specific dialogue so the situations around it could be easily varied, however, in the ‘Dwight says fuck’ the Dwight says ‘fuck’ in the end. Hence, only situations which result in the subject experiencing a surprising urge to say ‘fuck’ will qualify for this meme.

5: Fantasy Painting Object Labeling: Handing over the sword

Handing over the sword
This meme recently spawned in several subreddits and adds itself to the grand collection of fantasy painting meme. The meme qualifies for several different situations mainly involving two characters and one object. It hasn’t become popular yet, due to the sheer number of fantasy painting memes already being uploaded every day. However, it’d soon be forgotten if it isn’t unable to a home in a proper dank meme group.
That’s all for this week’s discussion on almost dead memes. Do tune in next week for more such deep discussions on the nature, use and life expectancy of our favourite nonsense pass-time. Ciao.




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