Wasted Time Diaries #1

Sunday, Nov 25 | 2:00am

I was mega bored and I had exhausted all my options for my entertainment. I did not have the patience to watch something which required an attention span of more than 10 minutes. That is when my Youtube recommended me Dhinchak Pooja. I felt really bad. I have heard countless hours of Beatles and Pink Floyd and this is what YouTube thinks my music taste is. I felt so bad that to uplift my morale, I decided to watch someone who is wayyyy less talented than me.

Dhinchak Pooja’s channel is not bad at all if you ignore her music. You should definitely see the comments section on some of her videos. In one of the comments, someone had written “Randi”. Now, that is a music review I had never read before. Since, I had a lot of time on account of being jobless, I started checking the Youtube profile of the person who wrote that comment. This guy has uploaded two videos; both of them are poorly shot films of car engines revving i.e. they are going vroom vroom.

Anyway, coming back to DP’s channel, there is a short film there. It has been directed by DP and is about women safety. In the short film, DP is a secret vigilante who beats up men who harass or cat-call women. At the end of the video, a guy there is a guy who looks like he has just completed his day job of being a manual scavenger (manual scavenging is a real serious issue I should not be making fun of unless my making fun of helps this issue getting noticed thereby resulting in some action thus converting my debauchery into a noble deed). Anyway, this guy says this, “Jo laundiya ko chhedta hai, uska yahi haal hota hai”. I don’t know about you but laundiya sounded really crass to me. I tried to look in the etymology of the word but couldn’t find anything. Also, there is a song by DP titled, “Afreen Fathima Bewafa Hai” in which DP is basically saying that Afreen is a gold digging slut.

Enough internet for today, I should sleep now.



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