Zero Trailer: Review

If there is a sex scene in this movie, will it be India’s first midget porn?

This was among the first thoughts I had after watching the trailer for a current superstar and former good actor’s Christmas movie Zero.

You know what? Before we get into the bad, I wanna make two things absolutely clear. I am not a Shah Rukh Khan Hater, I am a hater of bullshit movies which are all he seems to be doing for the past few years and I think Aanand L. Rai is a good director.

So did I hate the entire trailer? Surprisingly, No. Shah Rukh Khan’s character actually looked quite realistic and for the first minute and a half, it portrayed the movie as the story of two differently-abled people which on paper could be really touching, interesting and heartwarming.

Then she came onto the screen. Yes her. The one who set the standard for bad acting and proved that as long as you are good looking you don’t need action chops to become Bollywood Royalty. Ladies and Gentlemen, Katrina Kaif is playing a fictionalized version of herself and her character, combined with her “amazing” acting, is probably single-handedly gonna kill this movie.

The rest of the trailer plays almost like any clichéd romantic drama Bollywood movie and while that inherently isn’t a bad thing but the dialogues are subpar, the jokes are lame and the acting is dodgy and the story seems needlessly convoluted and forced.

Bollywood has a good opportunity to bring the attention of the general public to the difficulties people with disabilities face but how even they can find love and happiness and Aanand L. Rai is an inspired choice to tell such a story from this trailer but it doesn’t seem like this movie is interested in telling that story at all.

Instead, we are getting an unnecessary love triangle story of how a midget bangs the hottest woman in the country because the seeming genius sweet af(Anushka Sharma) is disabled and thus not enough for him(That’s what the idea we got). Wow, Bollywood Wow.

I hope that the actual movie turns out to be good and impactful but what we got in this trailer is just disappointing but if we get India’s first midget porn instead then it might all just be worth it anyway :p.


– JoJo’s Bizarre Articles


One comment

  1. Yeah … Without seeing the movie morons like you can judge it very easily 😂 Making movies on social topic is not always not necessary. Former good actor … Oh your the Oscar jury motherfucker..😂 I’m not a Srk fan I’m aanand l Rai fan …. So please watch the movie because ALR dosent make bad movies…. So stop judging before release you moron dickhead😂😂


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