Farmers Marching Towards Delhi |Farmers’ Delhi Protest|How Can You Help Them?

Farmers plan to march and protest in Delhi  for their rights. Here’s how you can help them?

Almost 1 lakh farmers will march towards Delhi tomorrow protest the back-breaking ignorance of the government. Recently the farmers also marched in Mumbai for their rights and were immensely supported by the middle-class public. Thus it is our duty as common citizens to help farmers who are visiting Delhi, so they can claim their rights and in turn make their lives better. But before we jump on to see how we can help them, let us first understand what are they marching for and exactly what are their demands. Here is everything that you need to know about them.

Farmers are marching to-

1: Call a special parliament session of 21 days.

2: Pass two bills namely


The 21-day special parliamentary session will include 3 days of Discussion upon Swaminathan Commission Report Recommendation. The report contains several solutions related to farmers problems but unsurprisingly this report is 12 years old and hasn’t been fully discussed in the parliament.

For another 3 days, the problems of the farmers will be heard. Their problems range from corruption in Mandi prices to irresponsive behaviour of irrigation departments. Farmers want all these problems to be heard by the government for 3 days.

For another three days, discussion on water crisis and rights of women farmers will be discussed. After that, the rights of landless labourers will be discussed. Finally, on the future of agriculture, a discussion should be organised for the last 3 days.

Now here’s how you can help them:
First and foremost, you can sign this petition.

You can also send an e-mail to your representative. The e-mail Id and the sample e-mail is given on the website, you can simply download them and e-mail your particular representative.

If you are living in Delhi and wish to support the movement directly then download the schedule timing from the menu tab and attend the farmers’ protest. Most of them can hardly pack a day or two worth of food, so if possible then bring some food and clean water for them.

On Twitter, you can use the following hashtags
• #DilliChalo
• #KisanMuktiMarch

When farmers were scheduled to march in Mumbai, they postponed their event by 1 day because of the board exams of students. People who travelled on foot for hundreds of kilometres were ready to stall their movement another day just so they could protest without hurting the residents of the city. This is the level of compassion a group of farmers can show, so it is our moral duty to help them in any way we can.


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