Wasted Time Diaries #2

I wonder how someone would have discovered smoking up and how many times he would have said, “Fuck bro! Try this”.

I had smoked up after a really long time and I was watching Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian. It is a 2002 documentary about how comedians work on their craft. It runs two stories parallelly; one is about Orny Adams, a budding comedian and the other is about Jerry Seinfeld, an internationally popular comedian. It carries the message that no matter the amount of success, one has to put equal efforts into their art. It also touches on how the artists feel about their art and the emotion which propels them to keep going. Butttttttt bro! This is not the weird part. Nope.

This documentary has almost a 2 and a half minutes scene between Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby. Mr. Cosby is a former comedian who drugged and raped people. About 56 of them. Mostly minors. He is a pedo. I don’t know how Netflix is cool with this.

In the scene – Seinfeld at one point is praising Cosby like he is a God. He is at Cosby’s place apparently and he is hugging Cosby. For a second, I got scared for Jerry. Then I reminded myself that this is a 2002 documentary and Jerry must have had come out unscathed. Sometimes when a movie scene makes you me sad, that to escape the sadness I remind myself that it is not real.

Then, at one point the camera shifts somewhere else and in my head, I went, “You piece of shit cameraman! Keep an eye on him“. The scene ended and Jerry is silent for some seconds. I gulped my fear. Then I proceeded to convince myself that I am a stupid conspiracy theorist. I was successful in convincing myself. Jerry looked fine afterwards.


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